Move Forward Blindly


I don’t know if you’ve ever driven up or down a mountain, or through a winding road that never seems to end. I have. I’ve done it several times in my home state of California. The scary part is not knowing what is around that corner! Am I fittina drive over a cliff? Is there a huge deer in the road as soon as I turn this corner? What about a bear? Is there a broken-down or stalled car that I’m fittina rear end? What if the cars in the other lane careen into me as they turn the corner? Then the both of us are going over the cliff into the 20,000-foot canyon. However you slice it, all of these scenarios are no beuno! The good thing is, every time I’ve ever made that nerve-wrecking, breath-gasping drive not having a clue what is around that corner, I always make it out just fine. Car and body intact.

I use this illustration as an analogy for my own life. Maybe you can relate. Sometimes I feel like I’m heading down a long, winding road, or up a steep mountain that never seems to end. And the trek makes me a bit queasy, because at any given moment I don’t know what to expect. For you, it might be your finances. Maybe you’ve been struggling to make ends meet all along and then something happens to your pay—like the government shuts down! (Of all shenanigans!) Perhaps you have been battling with a loved one and hoping and praying for a turnaround in their heart or in their lives, and you see good signs, then bad signs, then good signs, then bad signs again! It could be your health, and your desire to not have to keep dealing with the same health challenges and wondering why every time you turn around they’re back!

You may be sick and tired of having to contend with all of these things, but the reality is if you continue to move forward—taking one step at a time, trusting God with your life, you will make it to the other side of your struggle. But don’t be afraid to move forward blindly. You don’t know what’s on the other side of your obedience, but God does. He’s not going to tell you to sow a seed when you don’t have enough money for groceries, or wash your husband’s feet when he’s getting on your last nerves, or go on yet another fast, unless He has something in it for you, on the other side. It doesn’t matter how scary or crazy it may seem, if God is leading you around the narrow bend, trust His guidance. You may not be able to see, but He sees everything. He has your breakthrough just sitting there, waiting for you. It has your name on it! But if you’re too afraid to trust Him and obey His directive, you’ll delay your attainment.

Move forward with obedience. Move forward blindly. Marvel at the outcome.

Monica Almond is the author of The Single Women’s Blueprint, a book that inspires and empowers single women to live the life of their dreams. For booking information contact 

  1. Colin Usher 1 year ago

    Good stuff Monica, and not just for the women, love it!

    • Author
      Dr. Monica 1 year ago

      Bless God!

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