Are You Compromising Your Standards?


The Single Woman’s Blueprint will officially launch to the public on September 18, 2018. Here’s a snippet from the book!

Being single is not an indictment of your self-worth. When you lower your standards, you lower your worth. Your happiness and your worth as a woman should not be contingent upon whether you are in a relationship. Let me say that again, your happiness and your worth as a woman should not be contingent upon whether you are in a relationship. To put it plainly, if your joy and your reason for living and breathing are tied to a man, then your priorities are out of order. If you are not happy before you enter a relationship, being in a relationship is not going to make you happy. Your happiness comes from God not man. I cover this at length in Part IV of my book, “Return to Your First Love.”

Many times as women, we quickly let down our guard in relationships and totally forget what life was like before the relationship. We make a vow to ourselves and to God that we won’t let a man stay the night, that we won’t have sex with him, and that we won’t lose sight of the rest of our lives when we enter a relationship. But those promises are quickly broken when we start to “fall in love.” We begin to lose sight of our standards and cave in to our emotions and our flesh. You’re familiar with the typical patterns. We stand up our friends for our man, neglect church, invite the man into our home at all hours of the night, and put our dreams on hold. Foolishly, we think by doing all these things that eventually our sacrifices and compromises will lead to marriage. Let me tell you, by far on the average, that is not the typical outcome.

Compromising who you are to get and keep a man leads you to a false sense of happiness and fulfillment. I remember reading an article once about Lance Armstrong’s first wife. She shared in the article that for her entire adult life she committed her time to supporting Lance by raising his children and supporting his dreams of winning the Tour de France among other prestigious competitions. But, in doing so, she lost who she was in the process. She could no longer identify with the person she saw in the mirror. Unfortunately, (and fortunately) when their marriage ended, she finally started to live. Don’t let this be you. Don’t put yourself in the position of wanting to be married so badly that you compromise every part of who God created you to be, just to be with a man and simply to get a ring on your finger.  Am I saying that in a marriage, there will not be compromises and sacrifices? Absolutely not. Of course, there will be things you will have to sacrifice in your marriage. But, do not compromise to your detriment. Do not lose sight of your values, your dreams, and your convictions.

The Single Women’s Blueprint will release this fall. The Blueprint is more than a book, it’s a movement. If you’re interested in receiving an early copy of the book and being a part of The Single Woman’s Blueprint launch team email me at and type, “Sign me up!” in the subject line.


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