“Lack of focus is the death of all potential” –Warren Buffet

As I’m writing this, I am inundated with distractions. My right hand is hurting as I’m fighting off carpal tunnel—so that’s on my mind. I have baked potatoes boiling on the stove with the fan blowing loudly so that the steam from the potatoes does not ruin my cabinets. That is a noisy friggin distraction. I have incessant alerts popping off left and right on my phone. This one’s about the gang MS-13, another’s about mudslides in my home state of CA—yet another is about the Mueller Russia investigation. Then my freaking computer is sending me email alerts. SOMEONE MAKE IT ALL GO AWAY!!!!

How are we supposed to be productive in a world as noisy as the one we live in? The advancement of technology truly seems to serve the purpose of keeping us all distracted. Distracted from engaging in deep relationships. Distracted from being productive. Distracted from exercising our brainpower and employing our creativity. Distracted from hearing from God about something He may be trying to reveal to us in this season. Distracted from serving. Distracted from giving. Distracted from LIVING!! Eeeekkk!!

I choose not to be under the WEIGHT of distractions anymore. I’m fasting this month—which is typical for me at the head of the year, but this year I really want to fast my phone. I just want to through the entire thing in the garbage. But I can’t. I pay too much money a month for the bill and the phone has some value to it—so I guess I’ll keep it. But it’s still a distraction.

I’ve come to the realization that distractions ain’t makin’me no money! They aren’t putting food on my table, payin’ my bills, or keeping me warm at night. If like me, you are sick and tired of all of the distractions and just REALLY want to be productive in 2018, follow these tips to eliminate your distractions.

5 Tips to Eliminate Distractions

  1. Turn off every notification on your phone and your computer system that you absolutely DO NOT need. Do this now.

  2. When you’re in focus mode—particularly if you need a 1-2 hour window to knock out a writing assignment or other project—set your phone to “Do Not Disturb”. You’ll thank me for it.

  3. Significantly limit the amount of time you spend scrolling on social media (SM). There’s a difference between using SM as a productive tool to build your brand or movement, versus just sitting around scrolling to see what everybody else is doing. Be strategic with your use of SM.

  4. Create a schedule, and stick to it. Write a list of activities that you want to get accomplished on a daily and/or weekly basis and refer to your list frequently. You can even map out hour time slots and assign each task to a time slot.

  5. Remove yourself from distracting environments. If you can’t work at home because there are too many people and too much activity—go to the library or to a coffee house. Yes, you must physically remove yourself which takes a bit of effort, but you’ll be glad you did. Don’t be lazy.

Looking forward to what we’ll accomplish together in 2018 void of all of the DISTRACTIONS! 


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