One Thing: 2020


“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.”
Hebrews 3:4

What a year! 2019 was a year of no planning for me. I moved as God instructed—at least, that was my aim. Where I failed in that regard, there was grace! It was incredibly uncomfortable for me. Most years, I map out goals in each domain of my life—family, health, finances, work, business, etc. I was instructed to plan nothing. For me—the incessant planner, that was a serious act of faith. To trust God with the direction and outcome of my year—COMPLETELY.

It turned out to be a year of strenuous character development. I wanted God to move in two very specific areas of my life. What I thought was the end of a season, was the humbling and breaking and reshaping of my character and identity. WOW!! I’m grateful for God’s patient nudging and for His protection in the process. Now I must reflect Him more in the ways I was broken—and use the lessons of this past year to push me into my new/next season.

As you prepare to embark on a new year—a year of the double, 2020, I pray that you receive direction and guidance as you step your foot into the new year. Think of ONE THING you can do differently that very first day—and be relentless and determined to carry that one thing out every day.

My one thing is to love my daughter differently. To do a better job meeting her where she is—and helping to amplify the greatness that exists within her.

Let’s hold each other accountable for living out that one thing in 2020 and trust God to give us a double portion of His grace and anointing to see us through!

May you move deeper into your purpose in 2020. Happy New Life! Happy New Year!fullsizeoutput_3551


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