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“Faith makes a fool of what makes sense.”
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Have you ever lived life without a plan? I’d proffer the majority of us live life with some kind of plan. A plan for our education, our career, our finances, our marriage, our family, our business. Most of us have some kind of plan. In fact, several well-known authors and experts encourage us to write down our plans, dreams, and goals. Research shows we have a higher likelihood of accomplishing what we write down. So, my question to you is, have you ever lived life without a plan? I’ve never lived life without a plan. Until now.

Per usual at the end of every year, I review my annual goals, re-asses, reflect, and set new goals for the new year. Well this past December when it came time for me to develop new goals—there was nothing. Nothing prompting me to write anything down. No specific strategies for the many-moving domains of my life. No quarterly targets. Nothin!!

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t motivated to write out a plan. Particularly since so much of my 2018 goals were executed. Is this a sabbath year, Jesus?! Am I supposed to rest all year? If anyone knows me, they know that “rest” is not in my vocabulary. So I decided to google the word “rest” because truly I was clueless about the situation. How does one “rest” when there’s so much to accomplish?! Can’t I rest when I’m dead, Abba?

Here is the definition of rest according to our good friend, Merriam-Webster:

  • Freedom from activity or labor

  • A state of motionlessness or inactivity

  • The repose of death

  • Peace of mind or spirit

These definitions are so powerful. Read them again. Freedom from activity or labor. There is a freedom in being still!! Have you ever considered that? There is an actual freedom that comes from doing nothing. You don’t feel pressured or stressed, you’re not on anybody else’s time, you don’t have to have a schedule that is inundating and overwhelming. Be still and be free!

The repose of death essentially means that there is rest in death. This is why people say “rest in peace” when someone transitions. Death, or separation, brings rest and peace. Sometimes you need to separate from people or things that are unfruitful, so you can rest and receive the peace that God wants you to have, to be fully equipped to enter the next dimension He has for you. My advice to you, is to Rest in Peace while you are still alive.

The Israelites had a Sabbath Rest. After 6 years of hard labor, on the Sabbath year, the Lord called for them to take a Sabbath Rest. Sabbath—illustrative of the 7th day when God rested after creating the heavens and the earth in 6 days. The year leading up to the Hebrew Sabbath Rest, the Israelites planted, sowed, harvested, and stockpiled their food, so that in the 7th year they could essentially take a sabbatical from their work. For the whole year! Now, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t mean they did absolutely nothing. A genie didn’t show up to cook, clean, prepare, and preserve.

God has been prompting me to stop all of my planning and rest in Him. Allow Him to fill my schedule with His desires and His plans for my life. Filling my schedule with more of Him.

It has been a most uncomfortable few months. Some of my close friends are planning activities and executing plans from their list of 2019 goals…and I’m like…crickets! I’m getting left in the dust, Jesus! But I don’t want to do anything God hasn’t permitted. I only want His blessing on my life and my activity.

And I’m expectant. I’m right where God wants me to be. Which means I can be confident in the rest. Not yet comfortable, but at least confident knowing I’m in His will.

God has a perfect plan for your life. Press pause when and where you need to, and be confident in His rest.

Monica Almond is the author of The Single Women’s Blueprint, a book that inspires and empowers single women to live the life of their dreams. For booking information contact


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