The Single Woman’s Blueprint


Do you know any single women? What about single women who want to be married? Being a single woman who wants to get married myself, my journey of singleness has been quite extraordinary—to say the least. So extraordinary that I decided to put it in a book!

I’m thrilled to share that in the coming months I will be releasing my first book: The Single Woman’s Blueprint.

The Single Woman’s Blueprint was written to empower single women who have long struggled in dating and relationships. Often under the influence of a perverted yet enticing popular culture, the book helps women course-correct from toxic behaviors and mindsets in order to properly position themselves for marriage.

The book is also a rebuke to the narrative that women must compromise their dreams and their values to get and keep a man. There are several relevant and applicable real-life strategies and plenty of candor within the book that provokes single women to transfer their apathy and pain from failed relationships into a plan that ignites their purpose and launches their dreams.

Here’s some feedback from one of my early readers:

“OMG….Balanced thought provoking writing that keeps you reading.  You openly tackled a subject that is often considered taboo with genuine honesty without being overly salacious.”  

This book is nearly a decade in the making. In it, I don’t pretend to have all the answers. My life was an example of what NOT to do as a single. I spent most of my adult life chasing a man, instead of being laser focused on my purpose. I was under the false impression that being in a relationship would give my life purpose and value. So, I threw my full weight into trying to lock down a husband.

It backfired, drastically.

The good news is, I have rebounded!! Now, rather than chasing after a man, I am chasing my dreams. And you can too! Whether you’re single or married, pursuing your dreams is your life’s rent.

I hope you’ll follow me on this journey to launch The Single Woman’s Blueprint into the hearts of women who need this message.

Here we go!

The Single Women’s Blueprint will release this fall. The Blueprint is more than a book, it’s a movement. If you’re interested in receiving an early copy of the book and being a part of The Single Woman’s Blueprint launch team email me at and type, “Sign me up!” in the subject line.

  1. Monique S Patrick 2 years ago

    I will be the very first single lady in line for my autographed copy!

    • Author
      admin 2 years ago

      Can’t wait sis!!

  2. Gwendolyn 2 years ago

    I am screaming with excitement for you!!! I can’t wait to purchase your book!!! God is absolutely show casing you!! I love it!!! Congratulations!!!💃

    • Author
      admin 2 years ago

      Thanks so much Gwen!! I love and appreciate you!!

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