Why You? Why Now?


Why are you here, on the earth, at this moment in history? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that question? So many people wake up everyday with no real purpose in life. They go about their day-to-day existence fulfilling the same monotonous tasks, with no sense of fulfillment or purpose. Does this sound like you?

Everything that is a part of God’s creation was born with a purpose. God gave you the unique ability to do something that nobody else on this earth can do. There is a specific need somewhere that is not being met because someone is waiting on you to give them the gift of your purpose. How long will you keep them waiting?

If you are clueless about your purpose like I once was, my desire is to empower you on your journey to discovering it. Everything that you experience in life—every relationship, every job, every decision, every success, every failure is tied to your purpose. Your purpose is what makes you, you. It makes you distinct from the man or woman in the office next to you. It makes you distinct from the person you sit next to on the subway or in the church pew.

So how do you locate your purpose? What do you absolutely love or what do you absolutely loath? More than likely, that thing, whatever it is, is connected to your purpose.

For many years I tried to find my purpose in relationships, in movements, and in moments. I was constantly trying to fill a void, an emptiness in my life by identifying with things I thought would make me happy and complete. Always yearning for validation, failing to recognize I was already validated simply because I had breath in my lungs.

My purpose is simple—I help people to recognize their worth, discover their purpose, and pursue their dreams. Many people fail to recognize and live out their purpose because they are stuck in bad relationships, held back by fear, or have simply become so comfortable in their current condition that they have no desire to leave their comfort zone. Until we recognize that our purpose is not for ourselves—but to empower, encourage, and enlighten another—we will continue to look for things and people to satisfy us and stay within the confines of our comfort zone.

God gave you a specific gift to fulfill while you are still living. As His child, it should be your ultimate ambition to be relentless about pursuing it, obtaining it, and giving it away.

That thing that will give your life sheer pleasure—pleasure that will outlast any relationship or experience is already on the inside of you.

Let’s begin the process of discovery together. Isn’t this exciting?! We’re going someplace we’ve never been and we’re going there together.

As we step out into this unknown terrain, know that your vision will be blurry at times, and you will FEEL uncomfortable. But don’t trust your feelings, and certainly don’t rely on your level of comfort.

The more comfortable you are, the more you have fallen away from your purpose.

Being courageous is uncomfortable. Being relentless in pursuit of your dreams is uncomfortable. If it always gave you warm fuzzies, everyone would be living a life of purpose. But unfortunately everyone isn’t.

So as we embark upon this journey together—to live outside of our comfort zones—I vow to support you, to encourage you, to challenge you, to provoke you, and to be a shoulder that you can cry on when the going gets tough, because it will!

DO NOT cave in and DO NOT quit. You are one decision away from altering the course of your life, but more importantly—someone else’s. CHOOSE to live on PURPOSE!

Yours on this mutual journey,

Dr. Monica


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