Meet Dr. Monica, The Dream Doctor

My life assignment is to help 1 million people live the life of their dreams as entrepreneurs.

We live in a world that makes billionaires out of mobile app creators, and allows entrepreneurs to run entire businesses on their electronic devices. There is untapped potential on the inside of every human being that is waiting to be released. My purpose is to help you fulfill your true potential.

I do this by providing people, like yourself, with effective tools, resources, and strategies to activate your dreams.

My niche is in helping full-time mid-career professionals create a 12-month business strategy to walk away from their dayjobs to pursue their dreamjobs.

Research indicates that the average entrepreneur is a mid-career college graduate with the burning desire to leave their comfortable 9-5 to create their own business. These are not people that loathe their jobs, but they recognize the opportunities that exist outside of the workplace. Does this sound familiar? Well, this is my story.

After working in the fields of education and federal policy for more than a decade, I made the decision to turn my true gifts and passion into an opportunity to affect people’s lives in a tangible way. Rather than watching you sit on the sidelines with no direction, my singular purpose is to help you GET IN THE GAME! My aim is to see you win, and I’ll do whatever it takes to help you get there.


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