Dr. Almond blends her life experience with her business acumen to serve as a speaker and presenter to non-profits; businesses; universities; associations; churches; private events, local and state governments, the federal government, and at political rallies and fundraisers.

Speaking Roles:

  • Keynote speaker
  • Conference speaker
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Mistress of Ceremonies

Keynote Topics:

Birthing the Dream: How to Give Life to Your Dormant Dreams

Birthing the Dream gets at the heart of who we are. Every human being was born with a specific purpose to fulfill in the earth. Most people live their lives with untapped potential and a dormant purpose. During this presentation, Dr. Almond walks audience members through a journey to unleash that potential by challenging them to take 9 critical steps to begin to live the life they were born to live. The audience will leave with a tangible plan of action to pursue their dreams and a charge to become their true selves.

Take the Muzzle Off: Unleashing the Power of Your Voice

How many times have we witnessed people mute themselves in fear of an unwanted reaction? All of us have something valuable to contribute and important to say, but because we do not want to draw attention to ourselves or because we are afraid of how people will respond and how they might perceive us, we immediately shut down. Take the Muzzle Off empowers audience members to cease from appeasing other people’s insecurities, and to use their God-given voice with intention and confidence to affect change in work, in business, and in life.


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